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RG Article: Olsen and Madeiros buck trend

The Beach’s Olson, Madeiros buck trend with new restaurant Red

Full article on the Royal Gazette website Published Oct 24, 2012 at 8:00 am

The Bermuda Bistro at the Beach owner Rick Olson is going upscale with his latest venture.

He and partner David Madeiros are also going where few dare to go in these tough economic times, by opening up a new restaurant.

Red Steakhouse & Bar at 55 Front Street is expected to open this month and has already booked a number of office Christmas parties.

The restaurant’s mixed modern-classic style interior was designed by Jason Jones and features a plush, private dining area, bar and lounge, and dining area overlooking Hamilton Harbour. Mr Jones has painted a striking marine-inspired mural on the entrance wall.

The menu focuses on steak and seafood, Mr Olson said yesterday.

He and Mr Madeiros expect the restaurant will provide jobs for up to 15 Bermudians.


“It’s a classic steakhouse with comfortable seating and a South Beach vibe on the patio,” Mr Olson said. Instead of the traditional Front Street cedar and stone balcony, the partners installed a modern clear barrier offering unobstructed views of the harbour.

Asked what will differentiate Red from other high-end dining spots, Mr Olson said its spectacular view of the harbour and central city location. It also has access from both Reid Street (via the alley by Trends) and Front Street, and it will feature an after-dinner cocktail lounge for a mature crowd, looking for drinks, fine wines and desserts.

The opposite perhaps of his lively Bistro at the Beach bar and restaurant, Ms Olson said: “It’s a quiet place to go after dinner and hang out.”

He added they hope to have live entertainment in the restaurant’s loft area.

“The focus is based on personalised service and great food within a relaxed and welcoming environment,” said Mr Madeiros, general manager of Bermuda Bistro at the Beach.

Mr Olson said he believes the market for high-end dining in Bermuda remains strong despite the recession.

He and Mr Madeiros took over the space formerly occupied by Silk Thai Cuisine, which closed down earlier this year.

They got a purpose-built kitchen and other assets, which saved them substantially on costs, but they did a complete overhaul of the existing interior, including new lighting, art, furnishings, flooring, a large new bar, and expanding the restaurant seating area into what was the former owners’ large office.

The contact is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for event reservations.

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